HACKER.REHAB Is A Live Stream Network Of Hackers, By Hackers.


We realized that on places like Twitch, Mixer (RIP), and most other streaming platforms, the people who are watching our streams aren’t there because they found our streams there. Our audiences are on Twitch, etc because we linked them there, either through Twitter, IRC, or some other medium. So, since there’s no direct reason to use any specific platform, we decided to make one.

We’re going to keep running things the way they are right now by piggybacking on other networks, but here’s some things you can expect from HACKER.REHAB NETWORKS:

  • Safe To Broadcast: We will not censor your content in any way, including content that other broadcasters do not allow.
  • Safe To Make Your Own Choices: We will (largely) not be policing streamers, but if we receive copyright complaints we will be forced to forward them to you to handle. How you choose to handle them is your choice.
  • Safe To Explore: We won’t discourage you from exploring anything. If you choose to explore something illegal, though, remember that most of HACKER.REHAB’s founders live in “5 Eyes” countries, and we must comply with legal orders. We will not go to jail for you because you decided to Livestream yourself DDoS’ing something.
  • Safe for wallets: We don’t expect money at all right now, period. We may offer enhanced products in the future that cost money, but we will NEVER MAKE ANYTHING THAT IS FREE RIGHT NOW COST ANYTHING. That is a legally binding statement, so best believe we intend to hold true to it.
  • Safe for Income: We’re working out how to let people buy subscriptions for your channels right now, and will announce this during phase 2 🙂
  • Safe To Sleep At Night: This is a multi-phase project. We’re entering Phase 1 now, and during the entire time we’ll be building the network to make privacy a very central focus. This includes the inability for HACKER.REHAB to log IP addresses of streamers and viewers. This is going to be very tricky to pull off, but we have some really good ideas to make this work and will be answering more on this soon. If you have access to significant bandwidth and resources on large networks, please get in touch with us about this part of the project as we are at the mercy of donated equipment for now. Anyways, building our network of RTMP proxies that don’t log data will end up being our ‘secret sauce’ and while you probably have your doubts, give us a little while to show you it can be done 🙂
  • Safe for Free Speech: We know that we don’t have to provide you a platform for free speech, because we’re a private entity. However, we are willing to make that commitment, within reason. Don’t like it? k bye.
  • Unsafe for Nazis: Nazis are not fucking welcome. We reserve the right to boot anyone off of our platform that we fucking want, if you want the blunt truth – but mostly there are VERY FEW and VERY OBVIOUS instances in which that will happen. We’re not posting a list, because we want you to find out the hard way that being a piece of shit will cause problems.

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