HACKER.REHAB isnt really accepting donations or money right now. This is our gift to the community. We’re not looking for money – only success.

One thing that DOES HELP, and is FREE?


When the community uses our affiliate links. This costs you nothing and ‘donates’ a small bit to us via referral. For example: OvO Hosting AKA; A Security Researcher’s dream, Allows Masscan. 🙂 RamNode Servers. Cheap DDoS protection, I’ve used them for like 5 years. Some servers are less than $20/YEAR Servers. $23/month ~800GB DDoS protected servers,
BONUS: Use coupon IUD2D3OUED1D for free 10% off (new AND EXISTING customers!)

FUCK – They screwed over myself and a bunch of other people recently, so DO NOT USE THEM – until I drop the 0day that allows you to get free servers 😉, A place for privacy-focused folks to get temporary phone numbers. – The place that lets you buy stuff with BTC! I like.
watersports.bdsmsecurity.comTwilio – Plz use! We both get money! I think $10 or $20. – Our Russian buddies that allow IP Spoofing with servers as cheap as $1.20/month! Just don’t DDoS with them. (You’ll find out why if you do, heh.) = This is more of a personal project of @notdan‘s, but it’s getting listed here because all proceeds get matched and donated by him to a cause. This year it’s for Prison Reform. Also, you can buy some cool gear/clothing 🙂


If you can offer services like the ones below, we will GLADLY accept your help, because we seriously need it.

  • Rackspace
  • Bandwidth
  • IP space (/24 at most)
  • Servers/VPS boxes that are DDoS protected
  • Servers/VPS boxes that can spoof IPv4 Headers

If you really want to donate, send to one of the following crypto-wallets and let me know so I can thank you for being completely awesome.


XMR: 88HWtXoPeiyWZDkGHR99SxcfUfgMew3nbEsp5oz4ks4LLk88M1LwAqtPacFj51A9bQcRVB9Yb7jfgHt9vxVKbq5hVSQhtbf



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