im notdan AKA notdanimal.

ABOUT ME: I’m the kinda boring, kinda funny, kinda continuous train-wreck known as notdan. I hatched on Twitter at and for the next 10 years spent my time posting utter garbage and mediocore jokes that people seemed to like. And so, I eventually developed a pretty decent Twitter following that I’m thankful for and really enjoy. Almost everyone there is largely awesome. Anyways, lately I’ve put a bunch of effort into video production and streaming, and here’s where you can find my live shows:



I currently host my stream archives on a local hard drive until I master them and upload them to PornHub and other RELIABLE hosting services. All streaming platforms want me to pay money to archive videos, and they can suck a dick. No. I’m a verified PornHub model, and damn it, I’m going to flex that privilege.

All archive will be hosted on platforms that are Hacker-Friendly, specifically VK (Russian Facebook) and PornHub. The links are:


Additionally, you can see some of our “Best Of” content on our PornHub Archives channel:

-notdan xoxo


when do u broadcast man?

Whenever I can’t sleep or am feeling depressed, usually. I dont have anything close to a schedule, so you kind of have to “follow” my Twitch channel with the stream alerts turned on to catch my streams. Sorry.. just the way it is.

wtf do u mean, ur a main host on HACKER.REHAB

oh yeah. ok so I guess I broadcast semi-regularly on the weekends 😉



wot iz HACKER.REHAB anywyas?

NOTE: I’m writing this in the 3rd person because I copied it from the main site because I’m super lazy.

HACKER.REHAB was created by @notdan (AKA @notdanimal on Twitch) with the sole purpose of organizing a network of hackers that do live streaming, in order to accomplish a few things.

  • Allow Audiences To Find Hacking Content & Hacking Streams Easily
  • Enable Amazing Talent That Has Smaller Social Followings To Be Heard
  • Consolidate Talent & Social Marketing To Stand Up For What’s Right (Get bans overturned, provide guidance on legal matters, ethical issues, etc.)
  • Provide Shelter For Hackers That Have Been “De-Platformed”
    • This does not include Nazis, or other De-Platformed individuals. Go make your own fun little network, like Gub. lmfao. (Yeah we know it’s spelled wrong.)

TL;DR: I wanted to use the things I’ve learned over the years about social media to help the REAL TALENT be heard. So, if you’d like to be a guest-host on the show, just hit me up. Email, Twitter DM, Discord, whatever… You can even call up during a broadcast and chat with us.

HACKER.REHAB is an open format, all are welcome. Well, actually, no. Not all. But most are! 😉


-notdan xoxo

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