Like Anonymous Crypto?

Exchange your Bitcoin for Monero. Anonymous. No ID, No KYC, No AML, No Bullshit. Use our affiliate code to get a little extra to cover the transaction fees 😉

Exchange Bitcoin to Monero ANONYMOUSLY (NO KYC/AML) with Godex now.

Full disclosure, the above link has a affiliate link to get you some extra $$ during random exchanges. Use this link for direct GODEX.IO

Use Monero Or Go To Jail.

XMR / Monero is the only anonymous and almost 100% untraceable cryptocurrency.

It is actively under attack from
governments around the world
because of its power.

The feds are trying to get it shut down. Exchanges everywhere are requiring ID and passports just to buy Bitcoin.

Well, if that’s what we have to do, so be it. But then we’re going to scramble things up a bit by exchanging to XMR 😉

Enjoy! Be safe! Use Layers!

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